During his first season as the men’s basketball coach at NAU, Jack Murphy would often walk into the locker room at halftime ready to address his team and make adjustments for the final 20 minutes.

But before he would do that, the coach who spent eight seasons in Tucson as a part of Lute Olson’s staff, would check his cell phone. Oftentimes, he’d have a text message waiting from another former member of Olson’s staff, Josh Pastner.

“Half the time I walked into the locker room, I’d have a text from Josh telling me something I needed to do differently or things we were doing well,” Murphy said. “I’d go back to my phone, and I’d see a text that would say ‘great layup’ or something like that, and I’d have no idea what part of the game he was talking about.”

Olson himself was at Murphy’s home debut last season in Flagstaff and as a show of support for the Lumberjacks program, former Arizona Wildcats star Andre Iguodala bought season tickets.

The moral of the story? Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.


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