You cannot hire someone to coach the Pima College men’s basketball team unless his career itself has gone off the tracks and been left in debris. Unless you know how to react to a crisis, you are not qualified.

The last man to coach the Aztecs exited to an 18-game losing streak. He would look across the court to the league’s best team, Central Arizona College, and see a lineup of players from New York, Seattle, Africa and Minnesota, and a point guard being recruited by UCLA.

The Aztecs lost games 80-32.

Pima College hasn’t won an ACCAC championship since 1980, and in four decades has had just two players, Greg Cook, 1981, and Mark Sanchez, 2007, accept Division I scholarships.

So when Aztec athletic director Edgar Soto prefaced the hiring of the school’s 11th basketball coach last week by saying “he’s such a good fit for us,” you didn’t know if that was a compliment or some type of disparagement.

Brian Peabody knows what it is to lose. When he struck out for the big time, a 2005 cross-country venture to Division I Western Carolina, the Catamounts opened the year 0-5, closed the year 0-5 and in between went 0-8.

Everybody got fired.

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