Three days before Christmas, Oregon State played the first-ever basketball game at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, beating the University of San Diego while operations officials executed a dry run of next week’s Pac-12 tournament.

“Based on our time there, it really looks like it makes for a great environment for a basketball game,” Beavers coach Craig Robinson said. “The folks there did a great job hosting a little pre-tournament.…

“It’s a nice venue for watching basketball. I think the fans will be happy, no matter where they’ll be sitting.”

Robinson isn’t worried about his players sitting anywhere inappropriate in Sin City, though.

“We don’t have any concerns — I can imagine there will be concerns,” he said. “We happen to be in the middle of mid-terms…

“Las Vegas is a place where you can certainly get lost in the middle of the night.”

The Pac-12 tournament starts at the MGM Grand Garden Arena one week from Wednesday, and all 12 teams are staying at the hotel on the Strip.


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