Sean Miller

In a series of Tweets today, Arizona Wildcats basketball coach Sean Miller was critical of the NCAA’s tweaked summer basketball recruiting schedule.

For the second-straight year, college coaches are participating in three, five-day “open” July recruiting periods, from 5 p.m. Wednesdays to 5 p.m. Sundays, rather than two 10-day periods that were the norm before a rules change in October 2011.

On his official Twitter page, @UACoachMiller, the Wildcats coach sent 14 messages about the schedule.

“If everyone needs a break, then make the break 7-10 days long,” he wrote. “But this 2-3-day break is senseless.”

He wrote that he “cannot comprehend” the rationale of the schedule. The solution is “simple,” he wrote — to “create a 12-15 consecutive day window” of time.

He said that West Coast coaches have to, in theory, fly home from the East Coast, sit for two days during the dead period, and then fly back East two days later. Miller was in Indianapolis and North Augusta, S.C., this past week.

“The smartest idea the NCAA can do to improve so many of these rules is to create a panel consisting of the prospects’ parents after they have gone through several summers,” he wrote in a series of messages. “Nobody knows better than them.”

Miller bemoaned that recruiters, players and parents can’t purchase return tickets until their team loses in the tournament. He said the rule “isn’t taking the families of the prospects and the prospects themselves into consideration” as it is written.

“With no ‘break,’ each travel team would be able to choose events that make the most sense — not because the NCAA forces their hand,” he wrote.

Miller said he’d be happy to help revamp the rules.

“If there is any meaningful meeting in the future regarding this topic, please invite me,” he wrote. “I will be there.

“And, I hope the meeting will take place without breaks in between!”