Kameron Rooks

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Since he permanently replaced Lute Olson in 2009, Arizona coach Sean Miller hasn't just been reaching out to former Wildcats and their families.

He's also recruiting them.

Already with a commitment from 2013 guard Eric Cooper, the son of a former Wildcat by the same name, Miller invited 2013 big man Kameron Rooks for an unofficial visit earlier this week.

Kameron is the son of Sean Rooks, who played for Arizona from 1988 to 1992 and became the No. 30 overall pick in the 1992 NBA draft.

Miller has not yet offered a scholarship to the younger Rooks, who holds offers from Oregon State and UC Irvine, but Sean Rooks said the Wildcat staff has expressed interest in watching him play this summer.

Kameron, who has been listed at 6-foot-11 and 270 pounds, broke a foot midway through his junior season at Mission Hills High School in San Marcos, Calif. He has not yet returned to the court, although he intends to join the summer travel-ball circuit.

"He's getting mildly recruited by a lot of West Coast schools," Sean Rooks said. "Right now, Arizona he's very interested in but they still need (to see) more. The truth is that he still has a lot of proving to do once he gets on the court."

The elder Rooks said there was "no doubt" that Kameron would be impressed by his visit to the UA, and that his son also found it somewhat inspiring. He arrived Sunday with his mother and sister and stayed through Monday, Rooks said.

"He was very impressed," Rooks said. "It was great to take an unofficial visit to Arizona because you're not going to get a better experience. I think going to Arizona has sparked a whole different maturity in him. You can see the commitment (necessary at UA) and if you commit to it, what can be at your feet."

Arizona is expected to have at least four openings for the 2013-14 season, one of which was taken by Cooper when he committed along with incoming freshman Grant Jerrett in November 2010. Miller said during his pre-summer news conference Tuesday that he expected to sign two to four players in his next recruiting class.

If Arizona offers Kameron a scholarship, Sean Rooks said, the Wildcats would definitely be among Kameron's top choices in part because of, well, his dad.

"I'm definitely biased," Rooks said. "But it doesn't really matter. It's all about what he wants to do. Right now, he needs to sit back and concentrate on getting healthy. If he goes out and breaks his foot again … you don't want your son being one of those people who are gimpy the rest of their life. He needs to focus on getting healthy and focus on school and everything will take care of itself."

Meanwhile, Sean Rooks' next step is also uncertain. A 12-year veteran of the NBA, Rooks spent the end of last season as an assistant coach with Sioux Falls in the NBA D-League, where he had worked with two other teams in previous seasons.

Rooks said he wants to continue his coaching career but was uncertain if he will be in the D-League again next season.