Since Sean Miller last held a news conference back in March, the Arizona Wildcats have made 10 player personnel moves, lost an associate head coach and hired a former star as an assistant head coach.

Oh yeah: There was that Pac-12 officials controversy, too.

Miller declined to touch that last item in his end-of-spring news conference Friday, but otherwise discussed the return of Damon Stoudamire as an assistant coach, the addition of Zach Peters as a transfer from Kansas and several other topics.

He also talked a lot about roster management, saying the Wildcats won’t necessarily fill all 13 scholarship spots available next season. UA’s talent began spilling over this spring in the form of departures by Grant Jerrett (pro basketball) and Angelo Chol (San Diego State),

“Just because you have the number 13, I don’t know if that’s as important as it once was,” Miller said. “To me it’s more intelligent that anyone you add to your program has to be a contributor and there has to be a reason you do it. You don’t want to just fill in the scholarship void to add depth. That’s not going to work because that person you’re talking about will end up leaving for sure.”

Overall, Arizona lost seven players counting walk-ons since the end of last season, including the early departures of Chol and Jerrett, while adding three (five star freshman Aaron Gordon, walk-on freshman Eric Conklin and Peters). Then there was Stoudamire effectively replacing James Whitford, who became the head coach at Ball State last month.

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