Happy tweeter

Arizona lost a valuable sixth man when Kevin Parrom went out with a broken foot last week, but the Wildcats picked up a prolific and passionate commentator.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, that is.

"can u say . . . . . . SWEEP !" Parrom posted on Twitter, as he watched on television as the Wildcats closed out their 56-43 win at Maples Pavilion .

Among other tweets, Parrom praised Jesse Perry for "playing like a PITBULL," advised readers to "check Nick Johnson's family tree" in an apparent reference to the guard's athleticism and raved after guard Josiah Turner 360'd his way to the basket.


There was some, um, constructive criticism, too. While the Wildcats stumbled to a 15-for-25 effort at the free-throw line, Parrom tweeted this about his teammates:

"The Arizona Shaq-shooters."

And when UA signee Brandon Ashley tweeted that the Wildcats needed to stop giving up offensive rebounds, Parrom told Ashley, "that's why you commin next year!"

Coming-out weekend

But when Parrom tweeted that forward Angelo Chol was "NOT A Freshman anymore!" that may have been stating the increasingly obvious.

Chol blocked four shots and had a rebound in 20 minutes, after he had two blocks, four rebounds and eight points at California.

"Chol gave us big-time minutes," UA guard Kyle Fogg said.

Home-court disadvantage

On a beautiful day in the Bay Area, Stanford could attract a crowd of only 6,231 fans into Maples Pavilion to watch two teams battle it out for fifth place in the mediocre Pac-12.

Arizona fans took advantage, occupying large swaths of seats in the upper sections of Maples and making themselves often louder than the Cardinal fans, who had little to root about.

In fact, the most successful noise-generator for Stanford may have been the use of the "Fist Pump Cam," which showed fans bopping their fists along to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling."

Still retro

Of course, the Stanford band managed to pump in some atmosphere as only it can.

While the loudspeakers blared top hits, the band carried on in typical fashion.

Among the classics it pulled out Saturday: "She's Not There" (The Zombies, 1964), "Rubberband Man" (The Spinners, 1976) and "Hocus Pocus" (Focus, 1971).

The big number


Home losses combined by California and Stanford before this weekend, when Arizona beat both schools on their home courts

They're lucky now

Often ditched in previous seasons because of the Wildcats' lack of success in them, Arizona's red road jerseys are back in vogue.

Having lost dreadfully to USC last season and Gonzaga earlier this season in the newly redesigned red roadies, the Wildcats beat both Bay area teams in them.

Over the years, UA has almost always worn blue at Maples Pavilion, in part because the Cardinal uses a dark shade of red.

UA coach Sean Miller sometimes decides what color the team wears but Miller said Solomon Hill and Jesse Perry made the risky call to wear red on Thursday at California.

"We just wanted to shake it up a little," Hill said.

Boot camp

Backup point guard Jordin Mayes suited up Saturday but wore a boot over his injured left foot and may continue to miss more time for the Wildcats.

He will be re-examined upon returning to Tucson and monitored to see if he has a stress fracture or stress reaction.

"We're hoping that we don't lose him for a long period of time, that we can get him back here pretty soon," Miller said.

Mayes' absence prompted Miller to use just seven players, giving each at least 20 minutes.


"We wanted do something that no one else has done in the Pac-12 - sweep here in the Bay Area." - Fogg

Bruce Pascoe