Not trying to get anyone here hopeful but...

In case you missed it -- I did initially (thanks for the heads-up David) -- SI's Peter Bukowski wrote earlier this week that Aaron Gordon needs another year of work at Arizona before entering the NBA draft.

This is an interesting argument, and will continue to be, because as we all know the NBA drafts on potential, not readiness. NBA scouts still love Gordon, and it's long been the case that a jump shot always seems to worry the NBA much less than other less-teachable assets such as athleticism, size, character and intensity -- all of which Gordon has in abundance.

So Gordon is still projected as the No. 7 pick as of now by the well-researched Draft Express website, even if his midrange and free-throw shooting has been lacking so far this season.

Could another year at UA move him up to No. 1, as the SI story indicates? Maybe. Is it worth it? Also maybe.

A No. 1 pick now gets about $4.5 million in annual salary while a No. 7 is looking at $2.5 million. The rookie contracts are for two years, with escalated two-year team options, which means you're effectively locked in for four years.

So the difference over four years in that scenario could be about $9-10 million. But a returning sophomore would be giving up the first-year salary while he stayed in college and would not be able to start his "clock" ticking toward a free-agent deal for another year (and getting off that clock worked out pretty well back in the day for Gilbert Arenas, especially since he was freed up after only two years as a second-round pick).

Marvin Menzies said New Mexico State's experiences on the road -- including at McKale Center -- helped them win Tuesday at New Mexico.

The Pac-12 has another big nonconference test tonight at 7 p.m. (ESPNU), when Stanford plays at Connecticut.

Oregon scored another 91 points in moving to 10-0.

Stanley Johnson and Mater Dei will tipoff play in the Tarkanian Classic tonight at 7:30 p.m., while Ivan Rabb is among the UA targets scheduled to participate.

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