First-place California escaped a visit to McKale Center this season, thanks to the Pac-12’s unbalanced schedule, but there are worse things in mind for Bears coach Mike Montgomery.

Specifically, Pullman, Wash.

“That’s a tough trip,” he said.

Montgomery said earlier this season that he’d rather play in Tucson than Pullman and, three weeks after he made that comment, guess what happened? 

The Bears lost 77-75 to the Cougars, who are 4-2 at home in conference play despite being just 1-6 on the road. And while the Bears managed to win at Washington, the Huskies have won all six other home conference games so far, making the Washington teams a combined 10-3 at home this season in Pac-12 play.

Arizona, which will visit WSU tonight and Washington on Saturday, also knows the pain of the Washington swing all too well. The Wildcats are 1-5 in Washington during the past three seasons and they have not swept the trip since 2005-06.

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