Nick Johnson, driving against Larry Drew II, had 10 points and played well on defense in UA's loss at UCLA. "He was in a better place," said coach Sean Miller.


A man accused of shooting Arizona Wildcats forward Kevin Parrom was formally charged with attempted murder and nine other offenses during an arraignment in New York City.

Jason Gonzalez, 19, pleaded not guilty to the charges Sunday and faces another court appearance Wednesday. He is being detained at Vernon C. Bain Center in the Bronx, with his bail set at $25,000.

The New York Police Department had said Gonzalez was arrested on charges of assault, burglary and criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the Sept. 24 incident at Parrom's apartment.

But the complaint issued on Oct. 1 at Bronx Supreme Court listed attempted murder as well as three charges of assault, two of burglary and two of trespass, as well as charges of harassment and being menacing in the second degree.

Parrom was shot above his right knee in the incident and treated at Lincoln Medical Center. He returned to Tucson on Sept. 26, and has resumed classes and begun rehabilitation.

The criminal complaint cited a police deposition stating Parrom's account of what happened. It said that Parrom told police he did not give permission for the defendant and another, unapprehended man to enter his home and, when they did, they acted together in kicking open Parrom's bedroom door.

Parrom told police that the defendant pointed a silver firearm at him, that a struggle ensued and that the defendant pulled the gun several times, hitting Parrom once above his right knee.

The complaint noted that Parrom also told police the gunshot wound caused "bleeding and substantial pain, as well as annoyance, alarm and fear for his physical safety."

Parrom returned to Tucson less than three days after the shooting and has begun rehabilitation. UA has not specified the nature of his injury, and coach Sean Miller said only that much more would be known in a month about his ability to return to basketball.

The complaint's notation that Parrom was shot above his right knee may be significant to his recovery on the court; the NYPD had said Parrom was shot in the back of his knee.