The Sun Devils and Wildcats didn’t like one another any more in 1955 or 1965 than they do today, perhaps less, if that’s possible.

Picture this scene: three days before they were to complete the ’65 basketball season with a game at Bear Down Gym, the Wildcats and Sun Devils were unwittingly booked on the same flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix.

“That plane got awfully small in a hurry,” UA coach Bruce Larson told me. “There wasn’t any chit-chat.”

You might say there was some bad blood: the Sun Devils were working on a 15-game winning streak against Arizona.

The Sun Devils of the early ‘60s were a glamour program, having gone 23-6, 23-4 and 26-3 in successive seasons. Arizona hadn’t had a winning season since 1951.

But because it was a rivalry of such depth, the game sold out in advance which enabled TV stations in Phoenix and Tucson to pool a $3,800 in right’s fees to broadcast the game live.

It would be the first time Arizona was favored to beat ASU since 1957.

Oh, how times have changed.

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