The Arizona Wildcats will use Thursday's nationally televised (ESPN2) home game against UCLA to debut their first new uniform set in almost four years.

UA coach Sean Miller said the jerseys will contain a school-specific design imprinted onto the backs of the uniforms. Duke and Washington, among others, wear such designs.

Asked if, as speculated, there is a cactus in the design, Miller said he was "told I can't reveal that."

He was only partially joking. Out of deference to Nike, the Wildcats did not release images Tuesday.

"I think (Nike) wanted to probably have the pop that it deserves," Miller said, "and this is a great game to bring them out."

Nike redesigned all three of the UA's cardinal, navy and white uniforms, including the team's shorts.

Forward Jamelle Horne said players hadn't seen the final product but heard the uniforms were "paper light" compared to the UA's current ones, which were unveiled in March 2007.

That was the Wildcats' first major switch since the 1999-2000 season.

Miller said he had only a small role in the design after "an uncertain period" for Nike during the UA's coaching changes.

Guard MoMo Jones brought some sanity to the sartorial excitement.

"We're lucky to have uniforms; where I'm from, we didn't have uniforms," he said.

"A uniform doesn't make you."

Patrick Finley