So carefree was the attitude at McKale Center on Saturday that when Utah’s Jason Washburn scored on a dunk eight seconds into the second half, the scoreboard operator didn’t register the points.

The in-house score remained 30-23 for almost another minute, as if to suggest “does it really matter?” C’mon, it’s Utah.

But when Utah scored again, its total jumped from 23 to 27 and the game was on. This time all 14,545 fans were keeping the uncomfortable score.

In a weekend in which the Wildcats were scared straight, surviving two harrowing finishes, two final shots that might’ve sent them tumbling into mid-season oblivion, one thing became apparent.

Arizona won’t be undefeated much longer.

On Jan. 6, 2013, this is not the nation’s third-best college basketball team. Not yet. Not even close. Maybe No. 10 or No. 15, but certainly not No. 3.

If the Wildcats return from this week’s Oregon Trail unblemished, unbeaten, it’ll be more surprising than a blizzard in Gila Bend.

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