New University of Arizona basketball uniforms. Courtesy the University of Arizona PHOTO COURTESY BERT THOMAS / UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

Solomon Hill claimed on his Twitter page Wednesday that he had an image of the Arizona Wildcats' new uniforms.

The Wildcats forward linked to a photo: It was a cartoonish sketch he drew on notebook paper. Later in the day, the secret was let out.

The Wildcats released photos of the uniforms they will wear, starting tonight against UCLA, as part of a Nike redesign.

The company reworked all three of the Wildcats' uniforms - cardinal, white and navy-blue.

The UA's former jerseys debuted in March 2007. At the time, it was the school's first major change in eight years.

UA athletic director Greg Byrne said Wednesday that he appreciated changes in technology, and that players want what are perceived to be the best possible uniforms.

"I don't think they're gonna put the ball in the basket more for you," he said.

Here's a look at the UA's new gear:

Arizona's new unis:

The back

• The back logo: A large print design in the background runs from the top of the yoke to the lower back. Arizona's design features a saguaro cactus with a mountain range behind and a basketball rising like the sun. A star with the block A appears at the top with rays sprouting forth like the Arizona state flag. The word Wildcats appears across the bottom in an Old West script.

Arizona's new unis:


• In memory: The Wildcats had donned a black ribbon to honor the victims of the Jan. 8 Tucson shootings. That has been replaced by a black stripe on the uniform's left-front shoulder.

• New striping: The Wildcats have added two-tone stripes to the top of each shoulder, something the last version did not feature.

• A hologram: The block A at the center of the neckline is a hologram.


• New shorts design: Instead of having the word CATS running vertically down each side of the shorts - as the Wildcats have for a generation - the design now features the word only on the players' left side. The block A appears on the right side. Both images sit on top of a perforated dot matrix design with two stripes on each side.

• New shorts technology: Nike claims the Wildcats' new shorts are 66 percent lighter than a comparable NBA pair and dry 30 percent faster. The dots provide laser-perforated ventilation, and the side vent reduces snagging. A fuller hemline makes players more mobile.