UA center Kaleb Tarczewski finished with 13 rebounds, but the freshman found it tough to score against the Wear twins - Travis, center, and David - finishing with six points. Tarczewski fouled out near the final minute.


The Arizona Board of Regents Friday approved a one-year extension of a contract that will pay Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller a total of $2.6 million plus incentives by the contract's final year in 2016-17.

Miller's contract extension, giving him the maximum of five years allowed under board guidelines, was approved without discussion as part of the "consent agenda" voted on before the regents' meeting ended in Flagstaff.

UA athletic director Greg Byrne said he wanted Miller to have the maximum five years on his contract as much as possible.

"We want to continue to show our support for him and the program," Byrne said. "I've told him many times that I don't want to work with another basketball coach if I can help it. I totally believe in the direction of the program."

UA also added a $500,000 coach's buyout to Miller's contract. Language in Miller's original contract had him exempt from a buyout when there were NCAA sanctions on the program as a result of violations from before his tenure, which were announced in 2010.

Originally given a five-year deal upon his hiring in 2009, Miller was awarded a five-year contract last spring worth $1million in base salary plus an extra $100,000 in base salary at the end of every season.

Miller is scheduled to get $2.2 million plus incentives next season: $1.1 million in base salary; $700,000 in extra compensation for radio, television and public appearances; and $400,000 from IMG and Nike.

With the $100,000 annual increases, Miller is scheduled to receive $2.6million in total compensation by the 2016-17 season, including a base salary of $1.5 million.

Recruit Cooper reclassifies to 2014

Long Beach (Calif.) St. Anthony's guard Eric Cooper, who committed to UA in November 2010, has opted for a fifth year of high school instead of joining the Wildcats for the 2013-14 season.

Cooper, 16, was severely limited during his first two years of high school at La Verne (Calif.) Lutheran because of a split kneecap and a stress fracture in his tibia. His father, also named Eric Cooper, said an additional year of high school - at a prep school in the East during the 2013-14 season - will benefit him.

"It gives him time to develop more, and he'll know how to live by himself and travel all the time," said the elder Cooper, who will coach his son at St. Anthony's next season. "He'll be more prepared for college."

Auditions begin

Former UA guard Kyle Fogg worked out for the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday as part of a West Coast tour that he said also includes stops with the Clippers and the Kings. Fogg has already worked out for Houston and has another scheduled with Toronto later this month.

Meanwhile, former UA center Kyryl Natyazhko weighed in at just 250 pounds at the EuroCamp this month after entering last season at 275. He weighed about 260-265 pounds at the end of last season, according to UA spokesman Richard Paige, and has continued to work out while pursuing a European professional career.

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Sean Miller's contract

Here's how the UA basketball coach's five-year base compensation deal breaks out:


• $1.1 million base salary

• $700,000 for additional duties (radio, TV, public appearances)

• $400,000 from IMG/Nike

• $2.2 million total, plus incentives

Future years

• Miller receives an additional $100,000 in base salary after every season.

• His 2016-17 package will include:

• $1.5 million in base salary

• $700,000 for additional duties

• $400,000 from Nike/IMG

• $2.6 million total, plus incentives