Former Arizona Wildcats basketball coach Lute Olson once famously derided his players for wearing headbands. They squeezed his players' brains, he joked.

We wonder, then, what Olson would think about the abundance of, for lack of a better word, leg accessories on UA players.

About half the Wildcats are wearing some sort of protective sleeve made by Nike's Pro Combat line.

MoMo Jones and Brendon Lavender each wore red-padded sleeves extending from the top of the knee to their midcalf on Wednesday.

Jamelle Horne wears his navy version higher up on his leg and over his knees, and Kyryl Natyazhko dons white ones that look like soccer shin guards.

According to the 2010 NCAA rulebook, "the use of an arm sleeve, knee sleeve and lower-leg sleeve is permissible for medical reasons, but its utilization shall be verified by either the individual's coach or team's medical personnel."

The big number


of Arizona's 10 rotation players were shooting 50 percent or better from the field entering Wednesday's game.


With finals starting this week and Christmas break upcoming, UA coach Sean Miller knows that he doesn't have a ton of time to fix every little thing.

"There isn't a lot of time to practice," he said. "Final exams are beginning to start. We played on Sunday, we play on Wednesday, we play an away game on Saturday.

"We'll prepare. We'll watch the film and get back to work."

Miller was worked up about his team's enthusiasm - or lack thereof - Wednesday, but was not sure it was a matter of X's and O's.

"There's a fine line in a coach between, is it execution or effort?" he said. "If it's effort, that's something you really have to address."

Monitor games

After the Oklahoma game, Miller wondered about the courtside monitor - namely, whether he, as a coach, was allowed to ask officials to review the television in cases of technical and intentional fouls.

Wednesday night, Miller - and McKale Center fans - had the unfortunate experience of waiting for monitor decisions twice in one minute. That's because the clock system stopped working.

With 7:51 left, Arizona walked the ball up the floor - but neither the game clock nor shot clock was working. Officials had a three-minute delay to fix the clock, taking 11 seconds off it. With 6:50 left, officials stopped play to fix the stagnant clocks.


"BYU is Saturday. Today was today."

UA guard MoMo Jones, when asked if the Wildcats overlooked Wednesday's game with the Cougars awaiting Saturday

Test forthcoming

When the Wildcats travel to BYU on Saturday, it will mark the second great test of the young season.

The rest has been against, um, underwhelming competition.

Take out the 8-0 Kansas Jayhawks, and Arizona has played against eight teams whose combined record, as of Wednesday night, was 26-36.

Of the nine UA opponents this year, only two have records above .500 - Kansas and 4-3 Northern Colorado.

The Cougars defeated Vermont on Wednesday night to improve to 9-0. Star guard Jimmer Fredette scored 26 points in his hometown of Glens Falls, N.Y.

Measuring stick?

Fullerton coach Bob Burton didn't know what to make of the loss Wednesday.

"It's really hard to gauge," he said. "We came here three years ago with the best team in our history and got blasted. We went on from that to have our best record in school history."

The UA beat Fullerton 91-65 in 2007.

"Our team is really struggling, because we are so decimated by injuries," he said. "So we'll just see what happens. I can't really say right now."

Patrick Finley