Pac-12 Networks analyst Bill Walton was at his best during the Arizona Wildcats' 66-64 loss to UCLA tonight — or, for those who can't stand the big redhead, his worst. 

The Pac-12 kept track of "Walton-isms" — example: "One man gathers what another man spills" — throughout the Wildcats' loss to UCLA, and passed them along to us. (You can watch the video here).

Here are some, um, favorites: 

“There’s nothing wrong with being selfish in the team concept.” – on Shabazz Muhammad

“When I’m playing basketball, I want as little on me as possible. I want a tank top. I want a pair of shorts. I want two pairs of socks and a pair of shoes.” – Walton on UCLA’s alternative uniforms from Thursday

“Stars shining brightly on the strip in Las Vegas.” – Walton on UCLA F Shabazz Muhammad

“One man gathers what another man spills.” – Walton on UCLA Kyle Anderson, who finished the game with five steals

“What is a traveling violation? (Arizona) Brandon Ashley in the corner, pick a pivot foot please. The refs, I don’t care if they call a foul, but every single traveling violation should be called. That will immediately clean up the quality of play and eliminate all the pushing and shoving going on.” – Walton on a missed traveling call

“I’ve done a lot of cool things in my life, but this is right at the top. Oh my gosh.” – Walton on the Pac-12 Tournament experience in Las Vegas

“Throw it down big man! One time, throw it down!” – Walton on Arizona F Solomon Hill's dunk

“Up and down action, finally. Solomon Hill says, ‘there is nothing you can do about this. In your face!’” – Walton on dunk by Arizona F Solomon Hill

“Jordan Adams. Doesn’t look like much. Doesn’t have those bulging veins we’ve become so accustomed to. Doesn’t have those muscles where the neck disappears, but what a game, what a touch, what a heart.” – Walton on UCLA G Jordan Adams

“Jordan Adams has been the best individual player in this game today. His ability to hit the pull-up jumpers, not be out of control, stroke three pointers when they back off; Seemingly like Dr. Julius Erving from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst would be able to throw it up without even a prayer and it still goes gracefully through the twine. Only in Las Vegas at the MGM.” – Walton on UCLA G Jordan Adams

“And the UCLA faithful explodes in exultation and celebration.” – Walton on the UCLA win

“Thank you Brock. And thank you Australia.” – Walton on Washington State F Brock Motum

“This whole week has been better than perfect. Thank you Las Vegas, thank you MGM, thank you Pac-12.” – Walton on the Pac-12 Tournament experience