Prep work

Herb Sendek is good - maybe one of the best in the country - when he has time to prepare.

Over the past five years, the Arizona State coach has won two-thirds of the 24 games in which he has at least five full days to prepare.

Seven of those wins have come against teams that made the NCAA tournament that season, including San Diego State, Washington and the Arizona Wildcats in 2009-10, and Temple, BYU and Arizona in 2008-09.

"Coach is probably one of the best X-and-O guys there is in the country," forward Trent Lockett said. "You give him a week to prepare for a game, he's in his office brewing up some concoctions."

After the win, the coaching staff was just as excited as the players. Guard Carrick Felix said the locker room featured "Coach jumping up and down" with the guys.

Alive at the line

The Sun Devils did a bunch of things Sunday they haven't done all season.

Chief among them - making free throws. ASU had made 66.9 percent of its free throw attempts this season, and only 62.9 percent in league play, entering Sunday's game.

So, of course, ASU made 22 of 24 freebies against the Wildcats. They made 15 straight at one point.

Another quotable

"Sugar, We're Goin Down."

- The Fall Out Boy song ASU's band played up four with 3:27 to play.

Another big number

9 ASU is one of nine of the NCAA's 338 Division I teams without a senior, and thus did not honor one Sunday. The others without a senior: Albany, Binghamton, UC- Irvine, Illinois State, St. John's, St. Joseph's, Savannah State and Toledo.