Seconds after the Arizona Wildcats were announced as a No. 6 seed matched up against No. 11 Belmont in the NCAA tournament, the alerts flashed.

On the CBS Selection Show: “Belmont’s gonna take down Arizona!”

In USA Today: “Potential upset: No. 11 Belmont over Arizona.”

On Yahoo!, under the heading “Fraudulent Five” that discusses potentially bounced NCAA tournament teams: “Seems an eternity ago that the Wildcats were 14-0.”

And in a statistically oriented analysis, Belmont was listed as a “Best Bet” to be a “Giant Killer” with a 46.8 percent chance of an upset: “It’s no secret that statheads love the Bruins.”

An intern in Arizona’s media relations office took note of all that, thought about it, and realized it was just people who are paid to pick upsets and talk about them.

But that intern, Solomon Hill, is also a senior forward for the Wildcats. So he has another perspective, too.

“Whatever they say is part of what they want to do as a profession and it doesn’t affect me, the way I play on the court,” Hill said.

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