Bill Demory watched on television Sunday as Nick Foles took the field for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles. 

“Honey,” Demory’s wife told him, “there goes your record.”

Demory smiled.

“I’m ready,” he said today. “I’m glad for it.”

By simply lining up under center, Foles became the first UA product in a generation to take an NFL snap at quarterback. Demory played in five games for the New York Jets in 1973. His final appearance came on Nov. 11, 1973 — 39 years to the day before Foles entered against the Eagles.

The 61-year-old Demory watched the game from his Casa Grande home, and rooted for the Eagles rookie. Being the Wildcats' last quarterback in the NFL wasn't exactly something Demory cherished.

Injuries to starter Joe Namath and backup Al Woodall forced Demory, an undrafted free agent, into action early in the 1973 season. He attempted five passes in the team’s Oct. 7 loss to Dolphins; a week later, Demory made his first career start. In six games, he completed 12 of 39 passes for 159 yards and two touchdowns.

Demory left the NFL a year later. He spent 16 years working for the Haggar company, then went back to school and earned a master’s in business from the University of Iowa. Demory went into teaching; he has been a professor of economics at Central Arizona College for the last decade. 

“It’s funny, having a record — well, I wouldn’t consider it a record; being known for something you have nothing to do with,” Demory said.

“All those years, you’d think the U of A would had somebody.”

The sports editor of the Arizona Daily Star.