When I was growing up, my parents were constantly on me to quit playing video games.

"They'll rot your brain," they said. "You won't LEARN anything."

Today, mom and dad, you're wrong! (And it only took 29 years and 11 1/2 months to prove).

EA Sports, the company that makes the NCAA Football video game series, has apparently leaked the Wildcats' new football uniforms.

As Paul Lukas of Uni Watch first reported this morning, the gear will apparently look like this. Though I have yet to see the uniforms in person, the leak appears legit: I had been told that stripes were being added to the white helmets, a 'block A' was being addded to the pants, and the "fanny pack" along the back of the jersey — an eyesore for years — was going away.

Arizona spokesman Tom Duddleston said today he's not sure when the uniforms will be unveiled publically. The Wildcats will open their season Sept. 3 at Toledo; their first home game — aka, the first time to see the fashion-forward navy pants — is Sept. 11.

I'll save my impressions for another post, but what do you think? On a scale of 1-to-10, where do these unis rank?




The sports editor of the Arizona Daily Star.