UPDATED, 12:07 A.M.: Our latest, longest (!) Sonny Dykes story is finally live

I found Arizona Wildcats coach Mike Stoops tonight on the road, where he — like head coaches throughout the country — is locking up a few more members of the 2010 recruiting class. 

Stoops' job got harder today. Offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes, the mastermind of the Air Zona offense and one of the program's top recruiters, was named head coach at Louisiana Tech. Read the full story by clicking here; we'll have a new one up shortly after midnight, too. 

Here's what Stoops had to say about Dykes' departure:

"We're certainly happy for Sonny, for him to have the opportunity to go and be a head coach. That's what we all aspire to do. Sonny has done some awfully good things here, and he has done a great job for us. We're excited about the opportunity he's going to have a La-Tech."  

Stoops will take his time naming a replacement. 

"I want to discuss everything with my staff first and see where we're going from there," he said. "I'd like to hire from within if that's possible. In what capacity, we'll see." 

Plenty more in tomorrow's Star. 


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