Arizona's new athletic director Greg Byrne weighed in on the Delashaun Dean situation during his weekly Facebook blast today. Well, sort of — mostly, Byrne talked about how it could have been prevented.

Here's the cut-and-paste:


A recent incident here prompts me to tell you about one of the model programs in the athletics department, STEP UP!  It focuses on developing serious peer involvement for sticky situations in which college students can find themselves. It was developed by our C.A.T.S. Life Skills director Becky Bell. What we're promoting is a huge 'life skill' in that positive bystander intervention is a fine characteristic of our culture. We need to be proactive in teaching student-athletes that they need to be proactive and intervene, or step up, when something potentially troublesome takes place. (Common sense moves like telling a teammate, 'Hey, this is out of hand. Let’s leave.') Check out the website. It's all about doing the right thing in social behavior, and having student-athletes be confident and assume some responsibility. The STEP UP! program won an award from the national Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

Even with a strong educational program, we know there will be times where our student athletes make poor decisions. You can be confident that when those times happen, there will be a firm learning opportunity to protect the integrity of our University and Athletics Department. At the same time, we will handle each situation in the most appropriate manner for all parties involved.


In case you haven't been paying attention, Dean was arrested June 19 and cited for suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon. Within days, he was suspended indefinitely by coach Mike Stoops. Dean decided Sunday to transfer to Texas A&M Kingsville. Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to the weapons charge.

Dean's departure leaves a bit of a hole at the wide receiver position, thought most would agree its the Wildcats' most talent-rich position. Gino Crump told me he's ready to pick up where Dean left off; and, while we're at it, why not Matt Scott at receiver?


The sports editor of the Arizona Daily Star.