When his pro day throwing session was over, Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles met privately with scouts from a handful of NFL teams.

The topic: How well he played.

“They said I had a great day," Foles said. 

All which makes today’s report form CBSSports.com seem even stranger. A handful of (unnamed) scouts told Rob Rang that Foles was uneven, or worse, in Monday’s workout on campus. One scout even called Foles’ performance “terrible.” 

"He couldn't throw a spiral," the scout told Rang. 

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I'm not a scout — heck, I don't even work for Scout.com — but the criticism seems a bit harsh and verrrrrrrry short-sighted. First, Foles threw in hail and strong winds, and on grass, to a corps of receivers that included, among others, former Wildcat Travis Cobb and defensive end-turned-fullback C.J. Parish. 

And while the weather made some of his deeper passes wobble more than usual, Foles remains — almost eerily — the same player I've covered for the past three years. His short and intermediate passes were zippy, and his trademark fades, when the wind cooperated, were on point. I came away pretty impressed by his body of work on a cold, miserable day. Foles completed more than 90 percent of his passes during the workout; I only saw him miss two or three receivers on routes.  In fairness, UA die-hards, the unnamed scouts and I agreed: David Douglas helped his cause more than any player participating in pro day. 

Don't expect some of the criticism to faze Arizona's all-time leading passer. Foles told me yesterday that he long ago gave up reading his own press clippings. 

The knocks — that Foles is too slow, has shoddy footwork and, now, apparently "can't throw a spiral" —don't faze him. 

"All it takes is one team falling in love," he told me. "All I can do is the best I can do." 

The sports editor of the Arizona Daily Star.