There will be no rule change, students can still transfer schools, regardless of distance, as long is there is a corresponding change of residence.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association legislative council voted 25-11 in favor of a 50-mile transfer rule today but fell one vote short of the required amount to pass it, according to Jose Garcia of

The council motioned to amend the rule from 25 to 50 miles 31-8 before denying the rule which would have likely come into effect this summer. Six board members were not present today and three abstained from voting when the 50-mile rule was on the table, Garcia reported.

If approved, the 25 or 50 mile transfer rule would have required athletes to sit out a year unless they moved at least 25 or 50 miles from their old school.

The idea of the rule drew mixed feelings. Visit for the story in Friday's Arizona Daily Star to see what some Southern Arizona officials thought.