Douglas Unified School District superintendent Sheila Rodgers confirmed Friday that an "administrative error" caused both Douglas High School tennis teams to forfeit their first-round state tournament matches.

"It's very unfortunate because the students did not deserve this to happen," Rogers said. "They're a bunch of good kids and it was not their fault."

The Bulldogs' boys and girls tennis teams both earned the No. 8 seeds in the Division III state tournament which opened earlier this week. The boys were set to host Morenci on Tuesday while the girls were scheduled to play Chandler Prep at home on Wednesday.

But both matches were forfeited unexpectedly and no explanation was available until now. Rodger said the team's rosters were not entered online on time per Arizona Interscholastic Association rules.

Morenci's boys team was in St. David, on the way to Douglas, on Tuesday when it found out about the forfeit. Chandler Prep's girls team also found out about their forfeit on Tuesday.

Officials from both schools said they were also told the forfeits were because the school hadn't entered the rosters online meaning they did not have enough eligible players for a match.

Rogers said she spoke with the AIA for an appeal but there was no time for one. She also said that there have been some procedures put in place to avoid from something like this happening again.