Arizona State has released quotes with its honchos talking about the Pac-10's new $3 billion (at least) television deal with Fox and ESPN. Some quotes:

Athletic director Lisa Love:

"The new partnership will serve ASU extremely well. Our tradition rich varsity sport program will now have the opportunity to shine coast to coast. We're pleased that our television partners recognized the power of the conference. Much is to be gained by broadening our exposure and therein introducing our midwest and eastern friends to the competitive depth and breadth of the Pac-12. This is an exciting day for the Sun Devils.

"Considering the economic challenges that higher education is currently facing as well as the escalating costs associated with highly competitive Division 1 athletics, the new agreement with FOX and ESPN, could not have come at a better time. This new contract coupled with continued fan base and donor support are the keys to sustaining our varsity program."

President Michael M. Crow:

"We are very excited about the new national television contract, which will likely become one of the most important advances in the history of our athletic conference. Pac-12 student athletes, who have won more NCAA team championships than any other conference, will be able to perform routinely before a national audience. We will finally overcome the time zone issues that have limited the network exposure of western teams and athletes and therefore limited the appreciation and recognition of them in the eastern and central regions of America.

"College sports can also provide a window on academic institutions. Having Pac-12 games and matches regularly nationally televised will help acquaint people in every corner of the country with the outstanding research universities that constitute our conference."