About 48 million homes nationwide might have the chance to watch the new Pac-12 Networks, but that still won’t include those who use the nation’s largest satellite providers.

The Pac-12 Networks are set to launch Wednesday at 6 p.m. The Pac-12 Networks will feature a main channel and, in the state, Pac-12 Network Arizona, which will focus on the Sun Devils and Wildcats.

Speaking today, Pac-12 Enterprises president Gary Stevenson said the league-owned stations still do not have agreements with Direct TV, Dish Network, AT&T and Verizon.

“We’re working day and night, and we’ve had very, very good conversations with the other distributors in trying to find a business deal that works for them and for us,” he said.

Stevenson said the distributors know their viewers want the station.

“There’s nothing that we’ve heard that’s discouraging from any of them,” he said “Are we expecting it? We only have 50 percent of the vote.”

Stevenson said he did not “expect all of them” would reach a deal with the Pac-12 by the stations’ launch.

“But I do believe as we talk about our content, that over time, our fans who are customers of those distributors, will get what they want,” he said.