The Tucson Padres return to Kino Stadium tonight for a four-game series with Las Vegas before heading back out on the road. The T-Pads just completed a 1-3 trip in Tacoma, Wash., and sit at 18-33.

Here's a look at the lineups and some notes from pregame with manager Terry Kennedy.


1. Blake Tekotte CF

2. Logan Forsythe SS

3. Jedd Gyorko 2B

4. Matt Clark DH

5. Yasmani Grandal C

6. Cody Decker 1B

7. Daniel Robertson RF

8. Anthony Contreras LF

9. Beamer Weems 3B

P: Anthony Reyes

Las Vegas

1. Anthony Gose CF

2. Jonathan Diaz SS

3. Adam Lind 1B

4. Travis d'Arnaud DH

5. Ricardo Nanita LF

6. Yan Gomes 3B

7. Danny Perales RF

8. Paul Phillips C

9. Ruben Gotay 2B

P: Yohan Pina


--Anthony Reyes was not originally scheduled to start tonight, but has moved into the rotation after two relief stints. Jorge Reyes, who was going to start, has been moved back to Wednesday. Tom Layne will move out of the rotation and Anthony Reyes will join Jorge Reyes, Kip Wells, Colt Hynes and Bear Bay in the rotation.

--Neil Wagner was signed by San Diego from Oakland and has already reported to Tucson. He'll be a late-inning guy according to Kennedy and split set-up duties with Erik Hamren and Cody Burns.

--San Diego signed former big league pitcher Jason Marquis to a minor league contract. Marquis will head to Double-A San Antonio to start and could eventually come through Tucson.

--Finally, I asked Kennedy about catcher Yasmani Grandal's progression as a defensive catcher today. The former big league backstop had some very insightful/interesting things to say:

"He's got a long way to go. He's getting there. I'm chipping away at his critical thinking. As a catcher, it has to be, 'OK, what's the ramifications if I call for this pitch or that pitch.' You have to think about what the pitcher can do. You have to think about getting guys out with contact and not swings and misses. That's what we preach in this organization.

"He's got a ways to go, but he's come a long ways too. The most important part of catching is calling a game and handling pitchers. He has all the tools. He's throwing better now. He's blocking pretty well. He's doing that much better than he did in spring. He's still dropping a few balls, but so did I when I was young. I wouldn't wish on him what I had to do, which was learn how to catch in the big leagues."

--Grandal's offense has been no issue, hitting .324 in 32 games with 22 RBIs and 13 extra-base hits.