RHJ had the image from Kelly Presnell's photo permanently etched into his back...

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From deep in the we-haven’t-forgotten-department, it is finally noted that… TFenn won this year’s “contest" to pick the entire Pac-12 basketball race.

Many of you posted responses to my picks and sent in some via email or Twitter last October, but it took a while to unearth all the entries and manually tally them up on top of everything else that's been going on. Before long, it became so late that I figured I’d post them during a slow period – and that never really happened; who was I kidding? -- so I’ll just throw them up now. Many, many apologies...

The top three-plus:

1, tfenn (16)

2 Paul Davis of Bellevue, 18

2, Marxx Madness, 18

2, Fernando Duran of Desert View HS, 18

I finished fifth with a score of 20.

Since almost everyone correctly picked UA to win it, TFenn gained the winning edge by not buying too heavily into Oregon (a trendy pick that finished with the seventh seed last season) and by all but nailing the second half of the conference finish.

Scoring in this “contest” is done by adding up the differentials between where each team is picked and the Pac-12 tournament seed it earned, so a correct pick is no score, and, for example, a second-place pick of a team that finishes with the No. 7 seed (as Oregon did) adds five points. The lowest score wins.

This method doesn’t put any more weight on correctly winning the conference or picking the top four, but it does measure the best overall job of picking the conference from top to bottom. However, the fact that five teams tied for third at 10-8 meant a lot of people did better than their scores might have indicated: ASU and Oregon tied but had four slots separate them.


As a reminder, the official seeding order in the Pac-12 was:

1 Arizona



4 California

5 Colorado

6 Stanford

7 Oregon

8 Utah

9 Washington

10 Oregon State

11 WSU

12 USC

TFenn had it this way:

1.   Arizona

2.   Colorado

3.   UCLA

4.   Oregon

5.   Stanford

6.   Cal

7.   ASU

8.   Utah

9.   Washington

10. OSU

11. USC

12. WSU


 Marxx Madness, while correctly picking UCLA second, was particularly prophetic with this comment:

"(2) UCLA – How are the defending champions flying under the radar? Say what you want about Steve Alford and I’ll agree with you until you tell me that he can’t coach. Now he has a stacked roster of players he could only dream about at New Mexico."

And Fernando Duran, picking ASU fifth (the Sun Devils were in that huge group for third place), was close to prophetic:

"5. ASU - Jahii C will be the other Co-Pac 12 POY, and save Herb S's a$$ from getting the boot. Man, I can’t help but think of how Sean Miller missed on him by picking Josiah T over Jahii. Oh well…"

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