Arizona Wildcats forward Kevin Parrom has signed with former UCLA reserve Todd Ramasar, the agent and former teammate of Baron Davis.

Parrom said he felt "really comfortable" with Ramasar, and will begin working out this week in Santa Barbara, Calif., under the direction of trainers who partner with BDA Sports, the firm Ramasar works for. Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill are also BDA clients.

Ramasar said he is hoping to schedule as many private workouts as possible for Parrom before the June 27 NBA Draft, with an eye toward getting Parrom a shot with an NBA summer league team that could lead to an NBA training camp invite or an overseas contract.

"Realistically, Kevin is most likely to be undrafted, though I never say never," Ramasar said. "If he’s on the floor there and playing well, that creates opportunities."


Lots of questions about Zach Peters' eligibility on the previous discussion thread. Here's what I've been able to find out so far:

-- He can appeal for a waiver to play immediately and has a good chance for approval if the NCAA determines he left Kansas for reasons out of his control. According to his father, Peters left Kansas because he couldn't play and couldn't focus in many other areas. It will also help his case if Kansas supports this claim, which it is likely to.

-- He is more likely to receive approval to play immediately than get his five-year eligibility window extended to six years (if he has to sit out both last season and next season that would give him only three years left with his four years of eligibility).

-- He did attend Collin College part time last spring but did not enroll fulltime nor play, so that should be irrelevant in determining his eligibility. (Fulltime juco students need two-year degrees for immediate eligibility).

-- Bob/JW asked if he would be subject to more testing at UA. I am almost certain he would, though those would fall behind student-privacy rules and most likely would not become public unless Peters or his family disclosed them. If those tests go well, though, Peters and/or UA may want to get that information out.

-- Maria asked if he can wear a helmet. He did in fact wear protective gear at Kansas last fall (see the fifth paragraph in this story).

-- Here's our full story today on Peters' move.


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