Sure, Sean Miller could have reached many of the nation’s top recruits easily if he became Maryland’s head coach.

But the way Lute Olson looks at it, he would hardly be the only one doing so.

“The only thing, you’ve got all the Big East schools – Syracuse, Georgetown, UConn – plus the ACC schools,” Olson said today. “So there are maybe more players but there is also more top-level schools you’re going to have to compete with.”

At Arizona, Olson said, Miller is already on his way to establishing a dominant power that could capture many of the top Western players.

“He’s getting really good recruiting classes and Maryland looks pretty good (in recruiting) until you start thinking about Duke and North Carolina,” Olson said. “More often than not you’re fighting for third (in the ACC) and with the Pac-10 championship and the classes he’s got coming in, I think he’s in a really good position to be the best program in the West. I’m not sure that would have been possible at Maryland.”


Olson confirmed that Michael Dickerson is living at his house temporarily while he's working out at UA.

“It’s just great to have him around because (wife) Kelly has two kids, 18 and 16, and Michael’s enjoying having them around as kind of a family kind of situation,” Olson said.

Olson said Dickerson has been in Tucson for about two weeks and will probably return soon to his homes in the Pacific Northwest, though he may wind up playing somewhere soon.

Dickerson, a first-round NBA pick in 1998 who retired in 2003, played in Spain during the 2009-10 season. He will turn 36 this summer.

“He works out six hours a day and, depending on the lockout, I told him it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get on a summer-league team to at least get in condition and maybe someone would see him," Olson said. "And who knows what might happen?”


Corey Hawkins is looking to transfer from ASU, according to the Republic.


Sporting News has Derrick Williams going No. 1 in its latest mock NBA Draft. 


SN also says Josh Pastner is not interested in Texas A&M.


Get ready for Gus Johnson to be doing Pac-12 basketball games starting in 2012-13, with some work possible though not determined yet next season.


Chris Mack is now the highest-paid coach in Xavier history, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Miller was believed to be paid about $1 million when he left in 2009.


And let the Miller-to-Connecticut speculation begin. Well, sort of...



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