While the Washington Wizards have only the fourth-best shot at the No. 1 NBA draft pick, they may be the most likely team to land Derrick Williams as a result of what happens in Tuesday's NBA Draft lottery.

That's because the three teams ahead of Washington -- Minnesota, Cleveland and Toronto - are expected to take Kyrie Irving if they land the No. 1 choice.

Only Washington, because of John Wall's presence, is expected to take Williams with either a No. 1 or No. 2 pick. Therefore, the Wizards combine their 11.9 chance at No. 1 with a 12.59 percent chance at No. 2 for total "Derrick Williams odds" of 25.5 percent (unless there's a trade involved or the Wizards go for somebody unexpected like Enes Kanter or Jonas Valanciunas in the top two spots.)

Minnesota has a 25 percent chance at the No. 1 pick and a 21.5 percent chance at No. 2. Cleveland's odds are 19.9 and 18.8, while Toronto is at 15.6 and 15.73.

The lottery will be shown on ESPN at 5:30 PT Tuesday.


This Washington Post blog analyzes the Wizards, noting that Williams would be a possible look at 1 or 2, and Kanter at 3 or 4.

The Pioneer Press noted that the Timberwolves last had the best odds for the No. 1 pick in 1992, when they did not get it (or Shaquille O'Neal).


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