While there's already a report that Maryland will name Sean Miller its coach, Miller has yet to formally meet with Maryland AD Kevin Anderson.

That is expected to happen this afternoon in Las Vegas, after Miller finishes an appearance at a coaching clinic, from what I've been told.

There's no telling what factors are weighing the highest on Miller now -- family reasons, the Baltimore/Washington recruiting turf or just the desire to create leverage that could result in staff raises -- but the fact is they are weighing on him.

Ollie Goulston, Angelo Chol's coach at Hoover High School, said he believed Miller was listening but would ultimately stay at Arizona.

"I talked to him last night but I think there’s a kind of reasons to stay at the end of the day," Goulston said. "Sometimes these coaches use these situations for leverage."

Goulston said he believed Miller was trying to ensure his assistant coaches get raises, which, despite the Pac-12's incoming television money, is not an easy thing to do politically in Arizona these days. Miller's planned contract extension, for one, was not brought before the Board of Regents in April possibly because of the controversy over tuition increases.

As of now, both remaining assistants, James Whitford and Book Richardson, make about $200,000 (they were hired for $190,000 in 2009) and the other staffers all make considerably less.

"How can you not give the basketball staff raises -- that's a joke," Goulston said. "I was disappointed and I’m not even involved. I think they need to address this quickly, because whether it’s Maryland or someone else, they are going to lose Sean or the staff. You don't want to keep losing guys. You've got to pay them.

"That’s the one thing that scares me on this, because coaches tend to be loyal in terms of their staff. If he feels it's better situation for his staff, he'll leave."

Goulston said he spoke with Miller on Friday because he was disappointed that Miller would consider leaving just days after Chol signed his letter-of-intent.

"Obviously, I was not very happy about the whole thing," Goulston said. "We could have waited."

At the same time, Miller hosted 2013 prospect Chris Thomas for an unofficial visit on Saturday and he's scheduled to host 2012 guard Shabazz Muhammad on Sunday.

Muhammad's father, Ron Holmes, said he and his son are still planning to take the trip and that he had not heard from Miller as of this morning.

Holmes, who played college basketball at USC in the 1980s, said he's used to seeing coaching uncertainty.

"This is a business," Holmes said. "How do you really know if you’re going to be there if you feel a better opportunity is there?  It's like if a kid is ready to go (pro) after one year it’s a business.

"But all this talk hasn’t even fazed me. Arizona is Arizona. They've got all the players there. If they get the right coach, it's still going."

Sportswriter for the Arizona Daily Star covering Arizona Wildcats basketball