Updated to note, not surprisingly, that Nikola Vucevic was named the Pac-10's player of the week.


Arizona fell to No. 18 in both major Top 25 polls today.

The Wildcats, who were beaten by both USC and UCLA, were rated No. 10 last week in both the Associated Press Top 25 media poll and the ESPN/USA Today Top 25 coaches poll.


ESPN's Bracketology still has the Wildcats getting a No. 5 NCAA tournament seed.


In the latest NCAA rankings released today, UA ranks No. 2 in three-point percentage field goal defense at 27.4. New Orleans is first at 27.1, Cal Poly is third at 27.8 and West Virginia is fourth at 28.1

The Wildcats are 13th overall in three-point shooting at 40.1 while NAU is first at 43.1.

Derrick Williams has not shot enough to qualify for the individual leaders in three-point shooting (he's at 62.2 percent but with only 45 attempts) but he's seventh in overall field-goal percentage at 60.9.


Saturday's UA-Oregon game at noon MT will be broadcast to about 65 percent of the nation on CBS, with the Midwestern states and the southern half of Florida getting Michigan-Michigan State.


The Ducks need some defense.


Percy Allen's not sure the Huskies are an NCAA tournament lock anymore.


On the previous discussion thread, there were a few issues raised about my AP Top 25 ballot and JW/Tom.

We have banned JW before but he/she knows the rules now, which include that you can't plagiarize and you can't attack anyone personally. As long as JW/Tom steers clear of the guidelines, he's in. This is an open forum and we encourage discussion. Hopefully, you can scroll over his easily identifiable posts quickly if you don't want to read them.

On my ballot, I have moved teams with two losses I believe by up to eight spots (I think I moved Memphis out of the Top 25 all the way from 17 earlier this season) and it's true those two road losses were against respectable teams, though not Top 40 Sagarin teams. So it came out to a six-spot drop this time.

The ranking depends on who they play, where they play, what the other teams around them did, then how their season accomplishments look at that point in comparison. In UA's case, what also played a factor was that the teams around them often had one win and one loss against a good team -- keeping them steady, so Arizona slipped down past all of them in terms of both season resume and current momentum.

As far as "East Coast" bias, probably the toughest thing to ask about Arizona this season is this: How would the Wildcats do if they played in the Big East? That's a tough question to answer because the Wildcats played a relatively soft nonconference schedule and the Pac-10 is not very well-regarded.

Also, FWIW, I rated San Diego State (8) and Utah State (23) higher than they ended up being ranked and I have UNLV at No. 28 and UCLA at No. 30 on my spreadsheet. So that could even qualify me for "West Coast" bias, too. Or maybe "bi-coastal" bias. I did almost kick Missouri (25) out, after all ...



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