Used to be a theory that players could develop better in college than in the pros, partly because of the additional practice time, but Grant Jerrett isn't subscribing to that theory.

Read into this quote as you wish, but the last paragraph of a Republic story from the combine quotes him saying he believes he will be better off developmentally in the pros than at UA:

“I just felt like if I wanted to make my dream and goal, it would be to leave now,” Jerrett said. “I feel like I would develop more here, playing with the best and against the best. College, it was just kind of like a pit stop for me. You’ve got to go through it. I promised my parents I would get my degree. Ultimately, this is where I want to be. I felt like if I leave now, I’d get a lot better than I would in college.”


Official measurements of Jerrett and Solomon Hill taken at the combine this week were fairly consistent with how they were listed at UA.

Hill, listed at 6-7 and 220 at UA, came in at 6-5 1/2 and 226 at the combine. He was 6-7 with shoes (UA also measures players with shoes on). Hill also had a body fat percentage of 7.6 and big hand measurements (9.0 inches in length and 10.5 in width).

Jerrett, 6-10 and 235 at UA, was measured at 6-8 3/4 with 232 pounds at the combine. He had a body fat percentage of 10.1.

I've attached the official PDF of the combine measurements, or you can check out Draft Express' full database of prospects' measurements.


I asked Damon Stoudamire if his off-court incidents (three marijuana-related arrests, one at the Tucson airport) were an issue at all during the job interview process. He said they were not (AD Greg Byrne declined to comment) but that he didn't mind discussing it anyway. 

"I haven’t had to explain it in a long time," he said. "I think that anybody who knows me knows that I never ran from the things that happened. That’s a part of growing up and to be honest with you that’s a thing that I allude to with these kids, because I bumped my head before you can bounce back. I tell my own kids that.

"Probably the worst thing in the world was the selfishness that I had during that period of time and I didn’t realize how selfish I was until my own kids came home and told me that somebody at school was talking about me."


Washington's C.J. Wilcox is not expected to miss any time next season after having foot surgery.


 Shabazz Muhammad is busy answering some tough questions at the NBA combine.
There was some discussion of walkons getting the leftover scholarships on the previous discussion thread. While Sean Miller hasn't yet had leftover scholarships to offer (he was limited to only 12 the past two seasons because of NCAA sanctions) it has previously been the case that the more veteran walkons are given them, especially after they have been in the program for two or three years (Bret Brielmaier and David Bagga, among others, have been rewarded).
However, it is also wise to keep at least one ride completely open in case there's an opportunity to take a midseason transfer in December. Once the scholarship is given to a walkon, it is for the entire season and can't be yanked to give to a transfer in January.