In an interview with the News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind., former Arizona Wildcats associate head coach James Whitford spoke optimistically about Grant Jerrett's NBA potential but even he was surprised about the timing of his departure from UA.

“I think Grant is going to be a very good NBA player,” Whitford told the News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind. “He chose to come out at a time which was a little earlier than a lot of people expected. Definitely earlier than I expected. But with that being said, he has the talent to play at that level. He's long and really skilled.

“Grant's greatest strength is that he has one specific skill that the NBA teams really want, and that is size – and he can shoot the ball.”

Whitford, now the head coach at Ball State, also said departing UA senior Solomon Hill should fit into the league well.

"He has the size for the position that he plays,” Whitford told the News-Sentinel. “He'll be able to play both the 2 (shooting guard) and the 3 (small forward). He's got long arms and is a great athlete. He'll physically fit in just fine.”


UA coach Sean Miller hasn't been available to discuss Jerrett, or anything that's happened since Ohio State, but he has scheduled a news conference for Friday to catch us up on his thoughts...


On an ESPN conference call today, the Republic's Doug Haller asked analysts Fran Fraschilla and Chad Ford about the prospects of ASU's Carrick Felix and UA's Solomon Hill.

Ford said Felix was a better NBA prospect because he "has a chance to be a lockdown defender," while Fraschilla said both can make an NBA roster.

"I doubt either guy will go in the first round, but when you're picking in the second round, you're looking for basketball players," Fraschilla said. "You're looking for a Chandler Parsons, a Draymond Green. Both of these guys fit into the role of being really good basketball players, and I think they both have a good chance to make rosters because of what I said.

"Many (Pac-12 coaches) told me (Hill) was the Most Valuable Player in that league to any one team. You saw it for four years; you have an idea what I'm talking about. He's very, very versatile."

With regard to Felix, Fraschilla said, ASU assistant coach Eric Mussleman "told me back in December, if I were coaching in the D-League he would be my first pick because he's so versatile. Carrick is a guy, because of his length and ability to shoot the ball, his ability to defend, his attitude...he's one of those serious minded guys that could make a roster and develop into a good role player.

"Both of those guys could make NBA rosters and at some point in their career be useful players."


One Fox Sports post-Wiggins-decision-power-ratings for next season has Kansas at No. 4, just ahead of Arizona.


Tulane transfer Josh Davis has picked San Diego State, so the Wildcats will see him on Nov. 14 at Viejas Arena...


Raphael Chillious may return to Washington's coaching staff.


Couple of questions from the previous discussion thread:

Gawalt asked if UA would ever just play ASU once because of the unbalanced Pac-12 schedule: Not under the current format. The league decided to avoid disturbing geographic "rivals" (UA-ASU, UCLA-USC, Cal-Stanford, UO-OSU, UW-WSU and CU-Utah) by guaranteeing they will always play each other twice while four of the other 10 opponents will be "skipped" once.

As you may know, this rotates in two-year sets, until all non-rivals have played each other exactly the same amount over a 10-year period. Next season, UA won't go to Washington and won't host the L.A. schools; in 2014-15, they won't go to L.A. but won't host Washington or WSU.

Billy Bob asked about slow times ahead: There's still two more scholarships open,  and 2014 recruiting is revving up, so no guarantees of it being slow... But that said, there may be less frequent posting in early June and between the NBA draft and the last weekend in July, when I plan to head to Las Vegas because almost all UA recruiting targets tend to be there then.