Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller said today that forward Kevin Parrom will be available to play against Stanford on Wednesday but is being dealt with "internally" after he was ejected Saturday at Washington State.

Parrom did not face an automatic suspension because he was ejected for a "flagrant two" foul, not for fighting, but Miller said after Saturday's game that he would review the incident himself.

After doing so, Miller said he believed officials made a correct call when they tossed Parrom for hitting WSU's DaVonte Lacy above the shoulders, which meets the definition of a flagrant two foul. 

"Kevin responded to a physical blockout which is fine by the rules and it's what you should do when you block somebody out," Miller said on today's Pac-12 media teleconference call. "He didn’t handle it well and retaliated. He certainly didn’t throw a punch but flailed his arm back and unfortunately connected above the shoulders. It was the right call.

"We’re very disappointed in Kevin. I’ve had numerous meetings with him throughout his career because as any fan of the Pac-12 knows, Kevin is a very physical, very unselfish player and sometimes he can react to physical play not in a positive way for a team but in a negative way.

"I would like to think this will be the last incident that he will have along these lines. Kevin is a great kid. He’s certainly not a malicious guy but you have to be able to play through contact and not put your team in jeopardy. Especially for us because Nick Johnson was ill, Mark Lyons eventually got in foul trouble and that would have been a game that we really could have used Kevin’s services.

Miller said that the issue was of particular concern because Parrom is a senior.

"He’s someone that’s a long, long way from the learning curve," Miller said. "So we’re dealing with him internally. He’ll be available for our next game against Stanford and hopefully he’ll have a great finish to his career."