Pac-12 officials coordinator Ed Rush defended the disallowance of a potential game-winning three-point shot by Colorado against Arizona on Thursday, but UA declined to detail what replay officials based their decision on.

It isn’t clear if officials had the same view that television viewers did of Sabatino Chen’s would-be game winner, in which some replays indicated he released the shot before time expired, but Rush supported his crew in a statement released by the Pac-12.

“Game officials reviewed video replays of the end of regulation in accordance with NCAA playing rules and determined the ball was still on the shooter’s fingertips when the official game clock on the floor expired,” Rush said. “Per conference protocol, the officials conducted a thorough review courtside and viewed multiple angles of the play before confirming the ruling.

“I have reviewed the video replays and agree with the ruling.”

The Pac-12 installed a new video replay system before this season to assist officials, but that system does incorporate some television feeds and some others, so it is uncertain what the officials reviewed.

A UA official who worked the video monitors Thursday deferred comment to Suzy Mason, UA's senior associate AD for event management,  who deferred comment to the Pac-12, which issued only Rush’s statement.

Arizona AD Greg Byrne issued a limited comment to the Star’s Patrick Finley:

“The system was operating and officials used all of the information they had,” Byrne said.

Meanwhile, UA coach Sean Miller took a neutral stance during an interview before the Wildcats’ practice today.

“Sometimes it’s not clear who’s right and who’s wrong,” Miller said, “and I think in this case that’s probably the case.”

Colorado coach Tad Boyle told ESPN that Miller told him he thought Chen’s buzzer three-pointer was good, but Miller said today that Boyle offered an explanation.

“Tad called me and his only purpose was to say he had been misquoted there,” Miller said. “He and I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to talk about whether it was good or not. What he said is, `Sean probably felt on his end that it wasn’t good and I felt on my end that it was’ but I think it came out that I agreed with him. I certainly didn’t do that and he knew that as well.”