Sean Miller

Sean Miller

The Arizona Board of Regents today approved a one-year contract extension for basketball coach Sean Miller that will not have a pay increase for the final season of 2017-18.

The regents approved the contract extension without comment this afternoon as part of a consent agenda at a Regents meeting in Flagstaff. While summarizing previous discussion of the Regents’ executive committee, chair Rick Myers said of Miller that “we want him to stay at the University of Arizona.” 

The move effectively gives Miller another five-year contract, which could help in recruiting, while Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne said Miller requested that he not get a raise in the fifth year of it.

Miller has been receiving $100,000 annual escalators to his base pay since 2011-12 and is scheduled to receive $2.3 million plus academic and performance bonuses next season. He is scheduled to receive $2.6 million in 2016-17 but now will receive only the same amount in 2017-18.

“When coach Miller and I sat down for our annual end-of-the-year discussion, he was very appreciative of president (Ann Weaver) Hart and my willingness to seek an extension of his contract back to five years,” Byrne said via text message. “He requested during that discussion to keep his fifth year salary at the same level as year four.

“We are very pleased that Sean is our coach and we want him to be for many years, to continue to build on the incredible academic and competitive momentum he has already led during his time at the University of Arizona.”

Next season, Miller’s compensation is scheduled to include $1.2 million for coaching and $700,000 for peripheral duties from UA. He also will receive $400,000 from Nike and IMG.

Miller is scheduled to receive additional base pay of $100,000 each year through July 2015, when he will be scheduled for $1.5 million in coaching pay from UA for the 2016-17 season.

During the past season, Miller earned guaranteed pay of $2.2 million plus a $75,000 bonus for reaching the Sweet 16, a $20,000 bonus because UA won 20 regular-season games and another $25,000 because UA's Academic Progress Rate was 949 or better (it was 969). Miller is scheduled to earn another $25,000 if UA's team grade-point average was 2.6 or better.