An author you may have heard of says the Wildcats could be Final Four-bound.

If, Miles Simon says, Aaron Gordon has the kind of year everybody expects. In his picks of the Pac-12, Simon says point guard T.J. McConnell could also play the most pivotal role (ESPN Insider access required for the full story).

"In the post, both Brandon Ashley and Kaleb Tarczewski had solid freshman seasons, and playing with Gordon, they will make up one of the best front lines in the nation," Simon wrote. "If Gordon has the type of season many expect him to, the pieces are in place for the Wildcats to win the league and get to the Final Four."

Simon picks the Wildcats to win the league, followed by Colorado, UCLA, Cal, Stanford and Oregon.

Scout says Myles Turner, a 2014 big man target of Arizona's, included the Wildcats on his new list of eight schools (subscription required for the link). But he has only scheduled a visit to Kansas so far.

Mark Lyons is off to Europe.

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