An interesting study out of Emory University should give Sean Miller another nifty recruiting tool.

Emory's study found the Arizona Wildcats have the second-highest brand equity in college basketball, behind only Louisville. The key thing worth noting about this study is that it measured a program's revenue relative to success -- in other words, the support a program gets no matter what is happening.

The study linked brand equity to recruiting this way:

"Simple, strong fan bases equate to strong and high profile programs.  If an athlete wants exposure and opportunities to play on a big stage, then it makes sense to seek out a high brand equity program."

Arizona reported a net revenue (click on the "revenue and expenses" link in the gray bar) for basketball of about $12.4 million in 2011-12 ($20.3 million income and $7.9 million expenses).


Sean Miller says UA had its highest GPA in his four years last semester.


ESPN's Dave Telep says conference affiliations no longer matter with today's elite basketball recruits.


Grant Jerrett was twice mentioned in an ESPN roundtable as an NBA prospect who requires time to develop -- a project in the "truest sense of the word," Telep said.


In recruiting:

Arizona makes Jahlil Okafor's list of eight finalists.

Justise Winslow is still looking at 10 programs. 

Stanley Johnson may add Kansas to his list.


ICYMI, the sixth time could be the charm for Fendi Onobun, after a strong spring with the Chicago Bears.


Gunner58 noted on the previous discussion thread that Miller tweeted that UA's RPI was 16, in reference to the Wildcats' nonconference schedule.

It is true that the NCAA ranked UA's RPI No 16, which measures your success and schedule strength all season.

I was just mentioning what UA's nonconference schedule SOS was -- and Kenpom is the only measure I'm aware of that separates that nonconference portion out. Sagarin has UA's schedule rated 29, though it includes Pac-12 games. In Kenpom, the nonconference number was 61 (see the NCSOS column on the right) and should be better next season.