Arizona could lose any number of frontcourt players after this season, which makes Craig Victor a perfect fit.

The New Orleans forward may be able to handle many roles for the Wildcats.

Graegg Holmes, Victor’s travel-ball coach with the New Orleans Elite, said Victor can create mismatches inside with his ability to dominate smaller players or cause trouble for bigger ones farther away from the basket.

“He can do both,” Holmes said. “He’s a good low-post guy, defending and scoring, and he can still defend on the perimeter. It’s intriguing because he’s a mismatch either way – handling a smaller guy in the post or if it’s a bigger guy, he can bring him out on the perimeter.”

ESPN analyst Dave Telep said in his news story on Victor’s decision that he is “one of the few power forwards in the 2014 class with the motor, scoring acumen and perimeter package to play both inside and outside to 18 feet.”

Another ESPN analyst, Reggie Rankin, also suggested Victor will have an impact near and away from the basket.

“He runs the floor well and is a strong above-the-rim finisher when he has a clear path to the basket,” Rankin wrote. “He is a matchup problem in the halfcourt because he has excellent feel for the game and skill inside the arc to score with his back to the basket with either hand. He can score facing the basket comfortably out to about 19 feet, where he can hit midrange jumpers and complete strong, straight-line drives to the basket while finishing through contact.”

Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News said Victor is a clever scorer in and around the lane but would eventually “need either to continue to develop his perimeter shot or become a hungry, rebound-first/last/always sort of player."

Some coverage from Louisiana on Victor’s decision:

-- The Advocate of Baton Rouge quoted Victor saying his decision to pick UA over LSU was "hell close."

-- In the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Victor says he shut off distractions over the last two weeks and focused on his decision.

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