Arizona Wildcats forward Grant Jerrett is being held out of practice because of foot pain but is expected to play Wednesday against Stanford, UA coach Sean Miller said today.

Miller said Jerrett “had a little bit of foot pain” after the Wildcats played Washington State on Saturday and has been wearing a protective boot. Miller said he wouldn’t call it an injury but described it as possibly being the early stages of a stress reaction.

“We don’t look at it as anything big but you know, with stress reactions and stress fractures (among) guys who are tall, you have to be careful with that initial foot pain,” Miller said today during his weekly news conference. “It happens. So with that we’re just taking our time. We sat him out in practice and are just making sure he’s progressing. What we don’t want to do is lose him a couple of weeks from now because we weren’t preventative initially. I think we caught it at a good time and I think he’ll be fine.”

Miller said UA wanted to “do all the tests necessary” and that Jerrett would play against Stanford unless something else happened between this afternoon and Wednesday night’s game.

“Every day that he takes off” will help, Miller said. “We’re being more precautionary at the beginning. Big-picture-wise that will help us moving forward.”

UA has not had a player miss a game because of injury all season.


Miller said guard Nick Johnson was fine after suffering a stomach virus that caused him to throw up several times before and during the WSU game.

Johnson played 31 minutes, with six points, five assists and no turnovers.

“It says a lot about Nick that he played,” Miller said. “It wasn’t easy to watch him do that. But obviously, he didn’t put himself at further risk. He just did what he needed to do to win especially when Kevin went out. We would have really been pushed out.”

Miller said Johnson began to feel better after the WSU game and was not ill on the team’s charter flight home, which did not arrive until about 3 a.m. on Sunday morning.


Miller also said Kevin Parrom’s unspecified internal penalty over his ejection Saturday would continue, though Parrom is continuing to practice with the Wildcats, attending class and will play Wednesday.

Asked about him again today, Miller said:

“Kevin is one of my favorite players I’ve ever coached. I would say the thing that you love about him is his unrelenting competitive spirit. He plays the game of basketball with a physicalness that you appreciate. But there’s no place in our game for retaliation.

“I don’t think Kevin punched anybody -- in fact, I’m 100 percent certain -- but he reacted to a physical blockout, and if you connect above the shoulders, it’s a flagrant two.

“It puts us in tremendous jeopardy. Nick wasn’t even near 100 percent and we were lucky he even have him available for the game because he was sick. What Kevin didn’t know was that Mark Lyons was going to get in foul trouble so we had 1 and 2 pretty much unavailable. So when you think about big picture, Kevin knows better and I’d like to see that’s the last incident you’ll see from him.

“He feels bad. He always does, because he’s a good kid. But once in a while he’ll let that physicalness get the best of him and retaliation is kind of his makeup, not to hurt anybody but to kind of respond to that physical play.”


Hat tip to @uofalec for tweeting that Jerrett was in a boot after he saw him, before the news became public: