LOS ANGELES -Sean Miller doesn't have an answer at center, and he doesn't know when Kevin Parrom might be back, but he does know this already in the early preseason:

Nick Johnson simply needs to be on the floor more.

So while Miller has already toyed with shifting Kyle Fogg over from shooting guard to small forward at times, thus creating a few extra minutes for Johnson, he said he now may also put Johnson in at point guard.

Miller said it's hard for freshmen to learn more than one position, but Johnson's steady, hard-working demeanor suggests that if anyone can do it, he can.

"He's like that every day," Miller said. "He's a hard worker, a great kid and you can see it translate into his game."

Johnson scored 18 points in 21 minutes against Seattle Pacific, hitting 3 of 5 three-pointers and nearly bailing the Wildcats out of the embarrassing exhibition loss.

"We have to look at Nick playing another position if he continues to progress," Miller said. "But it's hard to play two positions as a freshman. For the most part, with freshmen, we keep them at one spot."

Moving Johnson to the point guard at times will take a few minutes away from Jordin Mayes and Josiah Turner. While Miller started Turner on Thursday, he had Mayes in at the end of the game.

"I think Josiah will get better," Miller said. "There's such a learning curve between high school and college. Four weekends from now, two weeks from now, they'll get a lot better. ... Jordin is behind the eight ball because he missed two months (with a foot stress fracture). You don't just miss two months and come back to it."


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