Arizona signee Parker Jackson-Cartwright is still expected to play for the Arizona Wildcats next season after admitting academic misconduct and leaving Los Angeles Loyola High School.

Jackson-Cartwright's father, Ramon Cartwright, told the Los Angeles Times that his son withdrew today, ending his career with the highly regarded Cubs.

Ramon Cartwright told the Star this evening that UA coach Sean Miller has been supportive and that he expects his son to still play for the Wildcats next season.

“We’ve been in touch with the (UA) coaches and we already have a go-ahead plan,” Ramon Cartwright said. “They know full well what’s happening. Man, the way (Miller) talked to my son, Arizona is blessed to have him. What a stand-up guy… We were worried that he could say `All bets are off; you’re radioactive’ and of course that would have added to our pain.”

Ramon Cartwright declined to say what his son was involved in but said his family disagreed with the punishment suggested by Loyola administration, which would have included being dismissed from the basketball team. Instead, Jackson-Cartwright will leave both the team and the school, planning to finish his high school education at a public school near the family’s home in Van Nuys.

“Parker was wrong and they have the right to discipline him… the reason we left was the disagreement over the kind of discipline,” Cartwright said. “We’re already disciplining him. He’s remorseful.”

Jackson-Cartwright did not return messages from the Star on Friday but his father said he returned to Loyola on Friday against his parents’ initial wishes.

“We did not want him to go for the tribunal but he literally screamed me down,” Cartwright said. “He told me he could not feel better until he apologized. Coming from an 18-year-old, that shook me to the core, not only that he said it but how he challenged me.”

While Loyola coach Jamal Adams did not return messages, he issued support for Jackson-Cartwright on Twitter.

“My father always taught me that your dudes are your dudes through thick and thin!” Adams tweeted. “Love ya PJC! I'm always going to ride with ya!”

Jackson-Cartwright was averaging 13.7 points and 7.3 assists per game for the Cubs, who are 22-1 and ranked eighth nationally by MaxPreps.

For Arizona, Jackson-Cartwright has been projected to play behind T.J. McConnell at point guard next season and possibly take over the starting role in 2015-16.

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