For the third Thursday night in a row, the Arizona Wildcats had a player tossed from the game.

That may or may not constitute a trend, but it's enough to have coach Sean Miller thinking.

Or trying to think, at least.

"I don't have a thought," Miller said, when asked about Josiah Turner's ejection after two technical fouls Thursday. "I have to do a better job as a coach, coaching our players to be physical between the lines. No coach wants a player to be ejected. I'll have to look at it on the film but I'm confused."

Miller pinned the blame on himself, saying he's got to do a better job of having his players be physical without having "the referees go to the monitor four times a game."

"I'm going to work hard to do a better job and...," Miller said, "I'm going to stop there."

Solomon Hill, who was thrown out last week at Utah when he hit the Utes' Cedric Martin in the back of the head with an elbow, said both his and Turner's ejections were due to retaliations against frustrated players.

"The games that we've played, you gotta understand, we're beating a team and (opposing) guys are going to get mad," Hill said. "I‘ve been frustrated before when we've lost and the thing that (is lousy) about it is the refs don't see the initial push.

"I wish every ref could look at the monitor like the fans do but it's always a retalitation. That's what guys gotta understand: you can't retaliate out there like that, because the refs are going to see it."

"We have to stay together as a team and just understand the scoreboard. We have to understand we're winning by a significant margin and we have to play together."


Miller said Turner, who was ejected Thursday after two technical fouls in the middle of the second half, was en route to having perhaps his best game at Arizona.

Turner had nine points, four assists, one steal and one turnover in 20 minutes played.


When Hill was told during the postgame interviews Thursday that Kevin!/KevinParrom3/status/162713995747409922" target="_blank">Parrom tweeted before Thursday's game that it was a "must sweep" weekend, he just about rolled his eyes.

"Kevin just throws his own ideas out there," Hill said. "He has some good ideas. But I can't really think about two games. I have to focus on he first game at hand."

That was a pretty good idea for a Wildcat team that had lost three of its previous six games.

The Wildcats appeared focused from the beginning, turning the ball over twice over the game's first 25 minutes and outrebounding WSU 18-14 in the first half.

"That's how we want to play," Hill said. "It was a good game turnover-wise. I think I had the only two (turnovers) at the half, which was kind of bad. But when we take care of the ball we get good shots. The way we play, guys are going to be open. We just have to look for them and see them."


Parrom was particularly focused. He had nine points, four rebounds, four assists, one steal and no turnovers while playing his third straight solid game.

And he helped in ways that weren't measured in the box score.

"Kevin made some key defensive plays and that's what we're missing," Hill said. "Just having Kev out there is a force by itself."

Miller said Parrom has played in the past three games as he did last season.

"And we've been waiting a long time for that," Miller said. "I noticed it in practice and in games. He's more physical and more sure of himself.

"His impact tonight, he made some really big plays and he adds a different ingredient to our team when he's able to play like he's capable. It's come very slowly but now here we are in late January and I like to think he'll be with us in true form the rest of the way, which makes us a better team."


After taking about 4,000 shots over the summer, Kyle Fogg said he set a goal of 45 percent three-point shooting.

After going 4 for 6 on Thursday, Fogg is at 44.4 percent for the season. He's made 42.1 percent from three-point range in conference games.


As expected, the man suspected of shooting Parrom in September has again pleaded not guilty in Bronx Supreme Court. Jason Gonzalez, who was arrested in connection with the incident, also pleaded not guilty in Bronx Criminal Court. He is scheduled to appear for the next phase in the pre-trial process on April 4.



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