In today's Star, we wrote about Ka'Deem Carey's recent workload and the toll it's taking on his body.

The All-American running back has been tackled to the ground 108 times the past four games and, for the first time in his career is being counted on to play all four quarters consistently. 

Carey is also doing most of his damage up the middle in recent weeks. We broke down his last four games to show where he's running.

That didn't make it in today's article, so here's a look at the last four game-by-game:

USC, Oct. 10

Times tackled to the ground: 21

Ran middle: 17

Ran left: 2

Ran right: 2

Utah, Oct. 19

Times tackled to the ground: 33

Ran middle: 26

Ran left: 6

Ran right: 8

Colorado, Oct. 26

Times tackled to the ground: 22

Ran middle: 14

Ran left: 7

Ran right: 3

Cal, Nov. 2

Times tackled the ground: 32

Ran middle: 22

Ran left: 5

Ran right: 6

A couple of notes on the data: We counted runs that were called back because of penalty. For runs "up the middle" we counted when Carey went behind the center or the two guard spots. For left or right, we counted when he went outside the tackles. 

Some links of interest this morning:

• Greg Hansen wrote about the 1973 UA team that won the WAC championship and will be in Tucson this weekend. It's another great read.

• Rob Rang of has Carey as a "riser" for the 2014 NFL draft saying the running back is helping his cause this season and said he could buck the trend of running backs falling into the later rounds.  

UCLA has a lot of respect for Carey and will try to "limit his explosive plays" this Saturday at Arizona Stadium. 

• The guys at the ESPN Pac-12 blog give their predictions for this week's games. You'll probably like one of the predictions on the Arizona-UCLA game and won't like the other. 

• In case you missed it, Nick Foles will have some of his belongings sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame after his seven-touchdown game in Oakland last weekend.