If there is any bad news about the UA football season starting Friday night it's that the program's hilarious and well-executed offseason videos are coming to an end.

From a Mariachi band singing to coach Rich Rodriguez on his birthday to tight ends coach Charlie Ragle getting thrown out of a bar to Rodriguez showing off his dancing skills, they've all been great. 

But today, we rank the top five.

Will Parks gets it started and Rodriguez finishes it off. Obviously, Rodriguez's moves are the highlights of the video, but Davonte' Neal's "worm" and Derrick Rainey's dance are also amazing. It's always fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at a team and this provides it.

View count: Nearly 171,000

This one looked like a lock to be the best video of the offseason until the dance video came along. What started as photo shoot for a postcard to send to recruits turned into an epic video. Ragle being tossed down a few stairs and quarterbacks coach Rod Smith's outfit are my favorites of the video.

View count: 188,121

The most underrated of the offseason videos in my opinion, this one is a gem. The Pubelo High School Mariachis came through Rodriguez's old office to play for Rodriguez on his 50th birthday. Like few can, Rodriguez played along brilliantly and even played some guitar. 

View count: A disappointing 5,622

Like most sequels, Hard Edge II wasn't as good as the original, but it's still pretty darn entertaining. It lacks a single great scene like some of the other videos, but is still entertaining. The highlights from last season with Brian Jeffries on the call may be my favorite part.

View count: 21,635

Again, I'm a sucker for the behind-the-scenes videos and this one provides some cool insight for what it's like for the UA team a night before the home game. The Wildcats stay at La Paloma and get spoiled for a night. I also love Marquis Flowers talking about how much he loves the hotel showers.

View count: 5,677

A couple of other links worth passing on:

Last week, UA recruit Sharif Williams suffered a serious leg injury in his team's first game of the season against Valor Christian High School of Colorado. The injury will likely keep Williams, a nose tackle, out for his senior season. 

Valor put together a very cool video wishing Williams a speedy recovery


An article worth reading today is the one Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com put together. In it, he polls five NFL executives to see if the "zone read" offense, which Rodriguez popularized, is in the NFL for good. To me, the most interesting response is the fifth one, which tells you to keep an eye on Chip Kelly the next couple of seasons. If Kelly thrives in the NFL, it would seem like teams would be interested in talking to Rodriguez in the years to come.