Earlier this week, I started working on a story (that I was going to keep short) for this week's Star about an event Arizona football was holding on Friday to raise money for Cystic fibrosis. 

That short story has since turned into a very cool tale about how Arizona football has changed the life of a young man living with the rare genetic disease. 

I'm very excited to share that story with you all in Friday's Star and I'll be shocked if you aren't impressed with what some players from the UA are doing. 

In the mean time though, I'd like to pass on some information about what the UA is doing and how you can help.

Last year, running back Kylan Butler and kicker Jake Smith helped start a local Arizona chapter of a national organization called Uplifting Athletes. Uplifting Athletes was started at Penn State in 2007 and lines college football teams up with rare diseases that need money and awareness for research.

The Wildcats became the first Pac-12 school to open an Uplifting Athletes chapter last year and assigned themselves Cystic fibrosis as the disease that they wanted to raise money and awareness for. (More on why they picked Cystic fibrosis in Friday's story). 

On Friday, the Wildcats are hosting a "Lift for Life" event at Lowell-Stevens Football Facility and Arizona Stadium that will be closed to the public. The team will break into eight sub-teams and compete against each other in different conditioning and weight lifting drills. The eight teams are all trying to raise money for Cystic fibrosis and the team that raises the most money and performs the best on Friday will win the competition. 

"It's a pretty cool thing that all of us are excited to be a part of," said defensive back Brendan Murphy, the president of the UA's chapter. "We've gotten a lot of feedback about how to really make an impact and raise awareness and money. I think everyone's into it."

So how can you help?

Arizona has a page set up for donations that you should check out. You can make a general donation or donate specifically to one of the eight teams. Team two is currently in the lead. You can click on each of the teams and see which players on are on which teams. 

A lot of the players have been tweeting out links and information about the Lift for Life event: